• Madrid Delta
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  • Space and Image
  • Here and Now
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  • Madrid Delta

    A short visual essay about split feelings to Madrid


    Švarraštis is a photo film lenght collection of notes and observations about nature.

    It is like a 37 page book, in which each flap is two eyes.


    Admiring what is undisputed - Nature.

    37 Colour prints, 20x30 cm. 2017

    Space and Image

    This is installation about relationship between spacetime and human existence.

    Choosing one structural unit, as wall, I duplicate and strech it, thinking that walls don‘t end in corners and joints,

    but are continuously shifting strukctures, influenced by point of view and other spaces with other rythms.

    The empty field for imagination is left for observer, live image, not a gaze stuck in photographies.

    With a help of Eye and Imagination free ourselves from photographic frame, see and understand constantly changing image.

    Installation, elastic fabric 3x5 m. 2012

    Here and Now

    here and now I make conditional starting point in processes in my thesis and process, which are taking place naturally.

    I am talking about compositions, measurements,interpretations, through which we assume that we experience the world.

    Instead we looked to image more widely, we divide it by making archives of memory or with limited imagination we create the future.

    But the present stands forgotten, in front of us, with all given items open to all our senses.

    Dissociation from conventions or agreements does not mean wisdom, it is just a big advantage which gives the ability to stop the moment, investigate circumstances, rethink the situation.

    The loss of form gives the freedom to remember that you are continuous energetic field.

    Standing here, with all the knowledge I can only inscribe the reminiscence about

    here and now

    Performance, considering the starting statements of “Space and Image”.

    The formulation was read from pages placed above mirror and pierced on wooden spike, leaving the “live image” uncovered by conventions.

    Mirror, paper. 2012


    Social reality games are questioning the limits of personal behaviour,norms of acting and the game itslef.

    What if it is onlt theatre or another game board?

    Installation of 5 objects and five digital prints 30x45 cm. 2011


    I rethink depression as an illness and my own experience.

    I live again the feelings and emotions and at the same time I capture the sight and it’s hang points.

    In other words – I analyze subject’s state by how he see the world while being ill/feeling one or another emotion.

    Silver gelatine prints 18x24 cm. 2010


    Silver gelatine prints 18x24 cm. 2009

    Moving Image

    → In Search of Light ←

    A short Super8 film about natural dependance on light.

    4:30 min, Super8 film.

    → Light|Sound ←

    A video work considering city lights.

    Where there is light, there is people, there is the vibrance of sound.

    The panoramic view of the lighscape, which‘s intensity dictates and offers the frequency of soundtrack of eachspace in the city.

    3.04 min, Video. 2010